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Leave No Neighbor Behind


Council: 10019 - LEWISTON

Project Description:

The council supported three public suppers for the first half of 2021-22: Spaghetti supper – September 25th, a Bean supper – October 30th, and Meatloaf supper – December 11th. Each supper had 12 members volunteering equaling 36, with the general attendance totaling 275 people. The members volunteered 245 hours with the customers total 520 hours. Although we succeeded in our goal to fund; Coats for Kids and the Seminarian Fund, we fell short in attracting large turnouts for these suppers, (mostly due to the Covid19 virus.) We could not in good conscience just through these freshly prepared meals in the garbage, instead we set about to donate to some soup kitchen in our area, and so Hope Haven was our selected recipient.

Hope Haven Gospel Mission is a 32-bed emergency shelter located in the heart of the Lewiston/Auburn community. The residential shelter can house 32 individuals & children, with dorms on two separate floors.
Their mission statement reads in part “to encourage cooperation with churches and community partners who will work with us in providing a response to homelessness in our region. The participation of individuals, churches and organizations is vital in order to continue serving in the same capacity. In order to best serve our clients and visitors, to develop more effective ways to help the under-served of the Lewiston-Auburn community. The Soup Kitchen operates daily, providing meals for anyone who needs to eat, no questions asked. Over 2,000 meals are served in our soup kitchen to residents and neighbors every month. Our food pantry is also a source of food for many in our community.”
The soup kitchen leadership and staff is ever thankful to receive these ready to serve fresh hot three course dinner meals to their clients which is a welcome change from the cold bologna and cheese sandwich which would have been on their plates.

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