Lenten Fish Dinners




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Lenten Fish Dinners


Council: 10221 - GORHAM

Project Description:

St. Anne’s Knights of Columbus Council has been doing Lenten Fish dinners for some 15 years. Initially, we started them as a council fundraiser, but they quickly became more. Along with the fundraising it also became a community event where people came to to visit and enjoy the evening, it also became a fraternal event, where Brothers came together enjoying each others company while working together. Usually these dinners are held on the six Fridays of Lent. With Covid, we had to look at another way. In the end, we decided to hold six dinners across six months, starting in November. We set them up as a pre-order drive-thru dinners. Across the six months, we served 1,119 dinners earning over $6000. While we raised much needed funds we found that this years dinners had a profound impact on the community. People needed to get out and have some degree of normalcy and our Fish Dinners helped to do that.

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