Madison-Anson Days Chicken BBQ



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Madison-Anson Days Chicken BBQ


Council: 2399 - MADISON

Project Description:

Continuing a 24 year old tradition, our Council held a Chicken BBQ fund-raiser during Madison-Anson Days (formerly known as Fr. Rasle Days).
This project required preliminary preparation of purchasing all materials needed and pre-cooking the chicken on Friday, August 23rd. This part of the project involved 5 Knights and 2 Volunteers.
On August 24th up to 16 Knights and 5 Volunteers set up, cooked and served over 300 half chickens along with cold slaw, rolls, chips and drinks.
A cool day reduced numbers during the cookout, however, what few remaining half chickens were sold after Mass Sunday morning and/or donated to our Parish food kitchen.
As a result of our major fund-raiser we were able to add over $1,700.00 to our Council funds.

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