Maine Brain Aneurysm Awareness KAT-Walk/Karo-5K




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Maine Brain Aneurysm Awareness KAT-Walk/Karo-5K


Council: 10221 - GORHAM

Project Description:

On Saturday, September 8, 2018, the Maine Brain Aneurysm Awareness Group held their annual 5K. There were about 30 people that arrived to help set up for the race/walk. We put up tents, set the markers for the runners and the walkers. Set up water and snack stations and assisted the participants in whatever they needed. There were over 300 people involved. After the race a team of volunteers arrived to take down the tents and clean up the area. This race takes place to bring an awareness to brain aneurysms and to educate people on what to do and to recognize the symptoms of an aneurysm. This was the tenth year that this race has been run and has grown since its inception. There were knights from various councils that participated.

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