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Meals for Families


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Brother Sir Knight EJ Hikel with help from Sir Knight Phil Bergin has coordinated the food for families program since 2018. Participating knights include Grand Knight Peter Starr, Trustee & Faithful Navigator Keith Forbes, Sir Knight Rey Dubois, John Newcomb, Al McAvoy, Glen Gaspar, Brett Baber, and Jaime Sandoval. Even the widow of Sir Knight Norm Pacholski, Coco has been helping. We served over 50 meals in the past year, to Sir Brother Knight Don and his daughter Catherine. Don had had a terrible accident and was left blind and wheelchair bound. The knights coordinate visits via “Take them a meal” web site and deliver the food and stay and visit Don and Catherine. Sadly, Dela (Don’s wife) passed away in 2021 and the ministry is now even more important as Sir Knight Don, his daughter and the rest of the family struggle with the loss of Dela while also working out what will be a possible way forward to care for Don . Don and the family are very grateful for the meals and company. The meals help provide less of a burden of the Factor family as they are challenged through the ongoing needs for Don. It has continued to be a great family ministry for our council. We coordinate delivery of the meal once a week which often includes a socially distant visit and prayer time.

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