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Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Brother Phil and his wife Cynthia Bergin wanted to do something that would help Don and Dela Factor in their desperate fight for Don’s life. You see on Super Bowl Sunday about four years ago while Don was crossing the street on the cross walk, he was struck and almost killed by a tractor trailer. It’s been a huge recovery period for Don, but he is still with us. Don is now blind, in a wheel chair, and limited motor skills. The Bergins discussed with the Factor’s how they could help, and it was decided that providing a meal a week, would give Dela a day off from having to cook, and that is how it started. Now in it’s third year, nine brother Knights and their families provide one meal a week; the family responsible for the weekly meal calls the Factors up and decided on what day works best and talk about the menu. From this, meals are dropped off, family members visit Don and his wife, gives them both an opportunity for company, and to find out what’s happening around the Council, Parish and the families. Some of the kids visit as well, and this is especially notable around Christmas and Easter. Side bar from this, is errands are made, little maintenance items such as cleaning the BBQ, repairing o-rings on leaky faucets etc.

Dela and Don are so very thankful for this help of food, friendship, concern and out pouring of support from the Knights of Columbus, Pine Cone Council, 114.

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