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Meat raffle


Council: 8868 - LIMERICK

Project Description:

The St.Matthews council sponsored a meat raffle with the purpose of raising money for the St Matthews food pantry.There were 2 prizes awarded in the raffle.One for 40 pounds of steaks and chops and second place was for 20 pounds of the same type of meat.The raffle was held over a 40 day period.KofC members purchased raffle tickets as well as ST Matthews parishioners and many other individuals.Sales were made after each weekend mass.In addition KofC brothers sold tickets at various merchant locations in the Limerick area
The cost of printing the raffle tickets was $57.98.The meat was donated by a local market.The total receipts was $1472 with a net gain of $1414.02.A check for this amount will be given to representatives of the St Matthews food bank in the next several weeks

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