Mercy Family Fun Day And Tour Of The Birth Place. 15791




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Mercy Family Fun Day And Tour Of The Birth Place. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

One of our council brothers and his family participated in the set-up at Mercy Hospital’s Fore River campus on Saturday September 8, 2018. Recently this council brother was approached by his daughter and asked if they would be able to have time to help in some of the set-up for the Birth Place open house. We have been big supporters of our children all their lives, and this was a very blessed event which we participated in. After the set-up was complete we took a tour of the Birth Place, and enjoyed the events of the day. Many children were in attendance, which was very nice to see. We also ran into two couples which we made friends with when we went to our former church. We also spoke with a couple from Lewiston which attended the Pro-Life Rally in Augusta in 2017 with us. It was nice to see what improvements have been made to the Birth Place since we were in there last. The Birthplace at Mercy Hospital aims to make giving birth a special family event. Lastly in our minds, we fell that this was a gathering of people young and old, for a most blessed Pro-Life event, which PRO-LIFE is all about.

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