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Mission Accomplished


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

The care and welfare of our elderly is of the utmost importance for families throughout the world, A God Shepard Sister and employee of St. Andre Health Care Facility had a vision to create a Health Care Memory Garden to stimulate the minds and bodies of the patients. At that time they had nothing more than just three or four benches in front of the facility. Her plan went in action but all good things come with a cost. Sister Pat’s vision of a Memory Garden would cost over $75,000.00. One of our members whose wife is a patients there, decided to volunteer for their fundraising efforts and asked if the Knights of Columbus could take on the fundraising efforts for the Gazebo at a cost of $20,000.00. Thus started a 5 month venture for our member on a mission of love which at that time seemed very daunting. He then asked a former State Deputy and member of our council if he could assist by coordinating the council visitations throughout district 11 through 16 knowing many council members would see a recognizable face and add credibility to our fundraising efforts. It immediately became apparent that the generosity of the Knights of Columbus councils came through with incredible results. Within a 5 month period not only did we reach the goal of $20,000.00 but at the completion and dedication of the Health care Memory Garden, witnessed by our Bishop, Religious, State Legislators, Knights, patients and guests, the Knights of Columbus were singled out for raising an unbelievable $24,000.00 far exceeding their goal for funding the Gazebo . It also should be noted that 4 members of the Biddeford council were instrumental for erecting the Gazebo with nothing more than professional results in time for the dedication thus adding to the accolades already given to the Knights.
Because of the courage and vision of our two members, combined with the confidence that the Knights of Columbus would reaffirm our commitment to support our senior citizens; the St. Andre Health Care Memory Garden became a reality.

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