Monthly Bean and Casserole Suppers




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Monthly Bean and Casserole Suppers


Council: 13181 - SABATTUS

Project Description:

Each month, our Council hosts a Bean and Casserole Supper held in the Maxwell-Gill Hall on the first Saturday of the month from September through May. During the week leading up to the supper, supplies and materials are purchased to get ready for the event. Two Knights, typically James Ingalls and Robert Desbiens arrive on Friday Night to begin soaking and preparing the beans. Saturday morning they return to begin the baking of the beans, setting up the hall, and preparing the other side dishes such as the cole slaw, usually with the help of some additional Knights. Meanwhile, volunteer spouses or other family members or friends of the Knights prepare 10 to 15 unique casseroles and up to 10 varieties of desserts that will be offered along with the beans. These donated dishes along with the beans prepared by the Knights are set up on a serving line by around 4 PM. At 4:30 PM, the doors are opened and Knights, spouses and family members staff the serving line to serve the food while other Knights or volunteers deliver
drinks, clean up, or greet guests at the front door. Attendance on a monthly basis typically reaches 80 to 100 guests and our Council often raises around $500 for each event. These funds are divided between our church fund and other other accounts such as our scholarship fund. 2/3 of the proceeds are dedicated to the church fund. Regular participating Knights include: Normand Provencher, Robert Desbiens, Roland St. Amand, James Ingalls, Robert Ayotte, Dan Bouffard, James Daigle, Roger Plante, Rodney Woodrum, their spouses and family members.

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