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Monthly Dinner Meeting


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Council #2219 holds a monthly dinner meeting which is always held on the fourth Monday of the month. This being our first dinner meeting of the fraternal year we announced the officers and welcomed the new members who are not strangers to the office and we look forward to a productive well organized year for council #2219.

We had a guest speaker at our September meeting, his name is Daniel Stevenson ad he’s the Economic Development Director for Westbrook and the city of Westbrook is experiencing a renaissance under his direction. Westbrook born and raised Stevenson has big dreams, ideas and goals for the city that uniquely wraps around the now thriving river. Could Westbrook be just what the state needs to attract new Mainers? If that is possible then Daniel Stevenson is the guy to make it happen. He gave an enthusiastic and informative talk and one that the entire council and their families enjoyed. We all were enlightened and delighted!

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