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Monthly Dinner Meeting


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Westbrook Council #2219 hosts a monthly dinner event, our January dinner was a Pot Luck event and we were blessed with bounties of fine fun foods, this event is a favorite among council members and their families. We like to invite a guest speaker that will add value and be of interested, this month our guest speaker was Daniel Stevenson who is Westbrook’s Economic Town Planner. Daniel has an enormous amount of enthusiasm for both his job and the community he serves. He shared his vision and updated us on current projects along with projected plans for the town of Westbrook. It was clear we need to invite Daniel back for a follow up visit as his time was limited and we were hungry for more… I did have a follow up conversation with Daniel and he is more than willing to return and bring along with him the men responsible for the huge Rock Row project for a question and answer session which would be fabulous…how lucky are we?

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