Monthly Family Breakfast




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Monthly Family Breakfast


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

In these busy days it is sometimes difficult for families to sit down together in quiet conversation enjoying a time together. With the support of our Pastor our council has been cooking up delicious breakfast foods which has filled the bellies of many families while they sit together as family without the distractions of the television, radio and cellphones. One Sunday each month we start the process at 6AM prepping a breakfast of champions. We start serving at 7AM and finish at 12 noon. We are greeted with smiles and hungry faces as they go through our food lines where we greet the parishioners with smiles and utensils in hand ready to fill their plates. We are especially pleased to the number of families with their young children in tow ready to start their day with a full stomach and the words of our Pastor at the sacrifice of the Mass.

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