Monthly Social Scholarship Check Presentaion. 15791




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Monthly Social Scholarship Check Presentaion. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Members of council 15791 and three parishioners attended the August 2 Social Meeting at Parish of the Holy Eucharist. This evening several things took place. This evening our Council Grand Knight presented two $1,000.00 checks to the 2022 Scholarship winners One student came from Saint Gregory’s Church and the other came from Saint Jude’s Church. As following the presentation refreshments and cold drinks were served and socializing with the winners and family members. Once this was complete GK Chris had a few items to pass on to the attending members
1. PGK Mike Crowley announced that the council collected $ 1,579.38 for the July 2022 Tootsie Roll Drive.
2. Purchase of two new Chalice’s and two new Ciborium’s for St. Gregory’s and St. Jude’s. Suggested by our Pastor after full council discuss and ratify at the September Business Meeting.
3.Help Pastor Cartwright and Fr. Kaseta swap living quarters during September. More details to be presented at the September Business Meeting. Follow-up from Pastor.
4.2022 Coats for kids for the local Food Pantries to be purchased in the fall after full council discussion and approval.
5. Back Packs and supplies to be purchased in August.
The council members socialized for a while longer and then called it a night. We Thank our Lord for all his gifts, and for Fr. Cartwright’s suggestions.

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