Mother’s Day Carnations




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Mother's Day Carnations


Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

Where would we be without our mothers? Where would the Church be without Mary giving us her Son, Jesus? These two questions spark debate, and theological and philosophical discussion far beyond the ordinary range of comprehension. Suffice it to say, we would NOT be here, nor would we have a Church to guide us.

Because of the importance of Mothers in our lives, the Maine Right to Life Committee, asks the Knights to coordinate the MRTLC Mother’s Day Carnation program. This is the MRTLC’s single largest fund-raiser to support their State-wide Pro-Life educational programs. At the two Augusta Churches, Abnaki Council 334 picks up and distributes the flowers from MRTLC to the ywo sites. They prepare them for storage and then display them before each Mass on Mother’s Day weekend. The Knights accept donations from parishioners, and submit the donations to MRTLC. As a result of this program, the MRTLC received over $500 from the two worship sites that weekend.

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