Motion Sensor Lights for Parking Lot




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Motion Sensor Lights for Parking Lot


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Several parishioners mentioned to the Maintenance Committee Chairman at our church that the motion sensor lighting in the lower parking lot was either not working or not providing adequate light. One woman was reported to have fallen on the icy parking lot; fortunately, she was not seriously injured. A member of our council with electrical and lighting background accepted the task. He found some electrical shorting problems due to moisture penetrating the units.
He purchased new, more modern LED motion sensor lights. He improved their operation by properly aligning them so they activated at the right time and in the optimum direction. When all was installed, he returned after sundown to double-check the install. He reported, and many have verified, that not only are the motion-sensor lights working properly, they cast a wide and bright beam (see photo). The unsafe exit and entry in this area due to improper lighting has been solved!
Our council absorbed all costs associated with this project, and our Knight of the Month provided all the labor free of charge.

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