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Moving Retired Priest


Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

As happens with everyone who devotes their adult life to a vocation or profession, there is the light of retirement at the end of the tunnel. When a priest retires from active ministry, they must relocate from a Parish setting, to a retirement residence. This was the case of Father Frank Morin, who “retired” July first, after nine years as Pastor of St. Michael Parish. He was planning to move to a residence in Waterville, but circumstances prevented his immediate departure. He remained at the St. Michael Parish Rectory, until accommodations became available.
On Sunday, September 9th, four Brother Knights from Abnaki Council 334, along with Fathers Frank, Arokiasamy Santhiyagu, and Mike Seavey loaded a “few bags of books” and some furniture and boxes into a rented U-Haul truck. The truck was filled two-thirds high, front to rear, with over 200 Hannaford bags of books, a hundred boxes. An additional pick-up truck was also filled, as well as Father Franks’ car.
Following a stop at the Pastoral Center, for more boxes and books, the convoy departed Augusta for Winslow. Upon arrival in Winslow, Father Frank’s sister, Mary, met us to assist in unloading. The Augusta Brothers were met in Winslow by five additional Brothers from District Seven.
After the unload was complete, Father Frank thanked everyone for their help, and treated all to pizza, chips, and beverages. The moving party engaged in a very pleasant period of fellowship and camaraderie.

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