Muffin Morning at St. John School




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Muffin Morning at St. John School


Council: 13486 - WATERVILLE

Project Description:

Periodically, St. John School invites parents, and especially grandparents, of the current students to attend a special function called Muffin Morning. It usually is in conjunction with another event, such as Catholic Schools week. The school buys muffins and donuts from a local bakery and serves fruit, juice, and coffee as well. One member of our council comes in early in the morning to set up the coffee service area and helps the principal with anything else needed in the kitchen. This has happened on four occasions thus far this year, which will be the last year of school operation. This Knight has been involved in all Muffin Mornings since his son was attending school several years earlier. His observation is that the gatherings of families at these events has been a great opportunity for fellowship and sharing of parental feelings and concerns. With just less than four months left of school, there may be one or two such events in the future.

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