NOVENA for LIFE Rosary with the 2019 ACTS TEAM. 15791




In Service to One, In Service to All
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NOVENA for LIFE Rosary with the 2019 ACTS TEAM. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Ten council brothers along with 47 visiting brothers of the ACTS TEAM participated in the Sunday NOVENA Rosary for the Unborn, before attending Mass on Sunday November 17, 2019. Today the timing was great. About 9:55 AM the ACTS Team returned from their weekend to Holy Martyrs Church, to attend the 10:30 AM Mass. Once our priest Fr. Paul saw them arrive, he approached the group leader and invited the Team to the morning NOVENA. We were very pleased to have been able to fill the Chapel at Holy Martyr’s for this weeks NOVENA. (Standing Room Only). We also had as one of the participants one of our Parish Priest’s Fr. Paul Marquis. Following the NOVENA all the participants moved into the church for the 10:30 AM Mass which was conducted by Fr. Paul Marquis. Following Mass all those who attended the Retreat moved to the Church Hall for a nice hot meal. What a Blessed morning this was, thanks to our LORD. May GOD watch over each of these new ACTS Team members in all they do for their Parish, and the Knights of Columbus.

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