Nun’s Nite 2018




In Service to One, In Service to All
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Nun's Nite 2018


Council: 101 - PORTLAND

Project Description:

Nun’s Nite is an annual tradition where religious sisters from the Southern Maine geographic area are invited for a corned beef dinner, social hour and entertainment. This is an event where the knights publicly thank the sisters for their commitment to the diocese of Portland. We offer them a chance to socialize, enjoy a great meal of food and wine, distribute small Christmas presents to each of the participants and provide some entertainment. As Knights, we value the importance these religious sisters have given over the years and it is our intent to thank them for their service. All the knights involved assisted with the cooking, set up of the hall, serving the meals and cleanup. There were many other activities like preparing the invitations, mailing them out, recording the RSVP, buying gifts for the sisters and wrapping them up.

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