Painting of Parish Office




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Painting of Parish Office


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Msgr. Andrew Dubois contacted the Knights to see if we could assist in Painting the office in which the New Deacon would be working out of, and of course we agreed and contacted the parish maintenance person Tim Mackay and worked out the scheduling. It was determined that July 19th worked well for everyone, therefore Mr. Mackay purchased the paint and had another parish worker and Brother Knight Ben to prepare the office for painting by taping off all the trim boards, mating and moved the furniture around so that access to the walls needing painting could be made easier. Three brother Knights, Jim Vashon, Bill Bennett and Keith Forbes answered the call and arrived at the office at 6 pm on the 19th ready to paint. The paint crew got right to the task, cutting in with paint and then using rollers, painted the four walls, after the first coat was partly dried, it was decided that another coat would provide a better overall appeal and finish, so we applied a second coat of paint. After the painting was done, then the crew removed the throw cloths, wiped up and dusted off the furniture and removing the ladders and paint trays and brushes and put them back in their proper locations.

The removal of tape from the electrical switches and moldings was left for the following morning July 20th, allowing the paint to dry more thoroughly, and then replacing the furniture to its proper places.

The three brother Knights enjoyed the work, and getting caught up on each others personal lives. It seems life continues to be busy for these three families, all active and helping Build Up the Church where needed.

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