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Pandemic Blood Drive


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

The American Red Cross (ARC) has reached out to us once again to conduct another Blood Drive, the 2nd during this Covid period; finding a Host has been difficult. I reached out to Fr. Frank about this opportunity, and he gave his blessing for a Wednesday, June 10th after the 8:30 AM Mass is finished; the blood drive would be from 11 to 4, and set up would begin at 10 and be all complete by 5. This blood drive was a public blood drive, with the Knights and the Parishioners supporting it.
The day of the event two brother Knights Jon and Bill set-up the hall, helped the ARC staff bring in their equipment. The ARC staff asked the Knights to run the registration table for the blood drive, Jon and Bill volunteered and stayed throughout the day. One other Knight Blake helped with clean-up.

The Good News is there were 19 blood donors, all 19 were good donors and the ARC received 19 units of blood. This was a week day blood drive, the support great , but the ones conducted on Saturdays generate almost twice as many units.

All in all, great support to the American Red Cross, during an extremely challenging time with social distancing, fear of Covid, and the extra safety precautions.


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