Parish Bean Supper Fundraiser for Council




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Parish Bean Supper Fundraiser for Council


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

During the annual planning meeting it was decided to have more monthly dinners and suppers to support the many council charities. On September 7th, the knights put on a Parish Bean Supper, just over 100 parishioners attended the supper. Tickets were sold prior to the event and the day of the event announcements from the Pulpits were encouraged and many people arrived after mass for the well prepared Homemade beans, Mac and cheese, coleslaw, hot dogs, biscuits, ginger cake, fresh whipped cream.

The meal was well attended and we included a 50/50 drawing to sweeten the evening a bit. Soft music was played through the over head speaker system, and wonderful conversations throughout the parish hall.

The supper raised $997.00 profit for the Council’s bank account.

A great effort by many helping hands, many hands made for light duty for all and an enjoyable start of the fraternal year.

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