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Parish Church Building and Grounds


Council: 11376 - BRIDGTON-FRYEBURG

Project Description:

As the chairperson of my parish’s building grounds committee I work with the committee that includes a brother Knight to oversee various projects for improvement and upgrading of the parish property on a continuous basis
We identify needs based on observation and via requests of the Pastor and Parish Finance Committee. Once a need is identified the committee determines a course of action which may include the obtaining of bids from and vetting of contractors for large projects or identifying resources for smaller projects. Once this process is completed the committee meets and agrees on the best solution to be presented to the Pastor and Finance Committee. As chairperson I present the committee’s findings and its recommendation and the factors on which it is based and address any concerns. The Finance Committee and the Pastor make the final decisions. After approval the committee obtains needed contracts and required documentation for execution and supervises the work.
I and the committee members report to the Pastor and work with the parish Business Manager on a more daily basis
Currently the committee is involved in painting of the church , roof repairs, sacristy carpet replacement and other smaller but needed repairs and improvements
The support of the parish takes many forms e.g. , ministries, and financial contributions but this committee helps maintain our place of worship both inside and out , making it more inviting not only to the current parishioners but to the community as a hold.

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