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Parish Fair


Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

Once again, the Knights were at the center of this years parish fair. The event was held on the weekend of Oct. 25 – 27th, at the St. Ignatius gym in Sanford Me. Preparations started months before holding monthly organizational meetings. Chairman of different tables were at these meetings, with many of them being brother knights.
The cooking for the fair started on Thursday, day before the fair. Two brother knights and five ladies from our parish got together to make pork pies, which is a local favorite of many of our parishioner, 60 lbs. of pork was used to make about 30 pies. The fair started on Friday, with a large turkey dinner being served that night. With mostly knights and their wives working in the kitchen, we served 209 people. We also opened the upstairs gym that night, where we had tables with many crafts, tables selling sweets, bread, and cookies. We also had a large section of items we called (slightly used). We had a major raffle, penny raffle, and a 50/50. If you took a minute to look around, you would see knights and their wives working all over the hall.
It was a great weekend for the knights of our community to build fellowship with people from our parish and our town. If a stranger walked into our hall, he or she would feel welcomed, and feel like they were part of our community. Over all I would say that our fair was a big success in building community, and oh by the way, we raised $20,000.00 for our Parish.

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