Parish Fair Celebration




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Parish Fair Celebration


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Three churches in our area recently merged into one parish. A name for the new parish was selected by Bishop Deeley. Our pastor desired that representatives of all three councils in the new parish participate in a festive celebratory fair, including a vigil mass, various food booths, boutiques to sell items, and the like. Our council provided a the main tent, two flat top grills, two fryers, and plenty of food with condiments. Our clam cakes were the hit of the fair.
Once our time slot was completed, we turned our facilities over to the host church’s council so they could conduct their BBQ chicken dinner immediately follow Saturday evening mass.
Our council donated all of the gross proceeds to the newly formed parish finances, including donation of all the supplies.
Included in the manpower and personnel estimates were planning sessions, transportation to the site, actual hours of the fair, and breakdown and return of the tent and materials.

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