Parish Paul Cormier Memorial Blood Drive




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Parish Paul Cormier Memorial Blood Drive


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Paul Cormier Memorial / St. Paul the Apostle Parish Blood Drive; sponsored and hosted by the Bangor Knights of Columbus, Pine Tree Council 114. This years event seemed to flow so easily, smoothly, resulting in an excellent blood drive. We have now had a total of 7 successful Memorial Blood Drives for Paul Cormier during the month of March for the last seven years. We had our 7th blood drive in Paul’s memory, on Saturday, March 30, 2019; and collected 31 pints of blood. Another show of support for the American Red Cross and our deceased Brother Knight Paul Cormier.
The event went very smoothly, great planning and plenty of volunteers (11) made this event successful in every way. Thanks to the Council for providing much needed Blood for area Hospitals.

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