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Parish Potluck Dinner


Council: 11376 - BRIDGTON-FRYEBURG

Project Description:

On Friday, June 14, our council and our Cluster came together to pay tribute to our 2 priests on the 5th and 9th anniversary respectively of their Ordinations. Many people took time out of their busy schedules to make this a great pot luck dinner.

Proceeding the dinner our Pastor celebrated Mass and then blessed the food and the group participating in celebrating this anniversary celebration.

Many parishioners spoke of to their experiences and shared their thanks and appreciation for our Pastor and Parochial Victor leading us in our faith. Very positive and personal sharing of their stories and how much they mean to individuals as well as the Cluster.

Our priests said a few words at the end of dinner, thanked everyone for coming and added a few personal notes on their Ministries and their families.

Parishioners brought incredible dishes to eat and share, the dessert table alone was a work of art, especially the cake dedicated to the honorees.

How lucky we all are to have such fine men of the cloth to help us grow in faith.

Thank you all for making this a great gathering!

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