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Parish Priority Plan


Council: 2755 - SPRINGVALE

Project Description:

Brother Knight Pete Auger of Council 2755 was asked by departing priest Father Phil Tracy to participate in the development of a Parish Priority Plan along with several other members of St. Therese Parish. This was directive that the Bishop has requested parishes complete as part of strategic planning initiative based upon survey results each parish has completed. Throughout meetings on 6/23, 8/4, 9/22, 10/20, and 11/3 at St. Mary’s in Wells, Maine and St. Martha’s in Kennebunk Maine Pete helped develop a mission and vision statement, smart goals, and implementation plan for communicating the Parish Priority Plan to parishioners of St. Therese of Lisieux. This collaboration was completed along with Father Bill Labbe and Father Jack Dickinson through in person meetings and via email. Several documents were developed and will be shared with in the future through the church bulletin and via social media. This will also be shared with the Parish Council and more time will be spent implementing the project on various fronts in 2020.

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