Parish Rectory Painting – Huge Facility




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Parish Rectory Painting - Huge Facility


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Painting Project Continues, when we finished painting the Suite for Fr. Augustine to move in to, we were asked by our Council Chaplin, Father Frank Murray, to paint another Suite on the 3rd Floor, a huge space, and one that we accepted. This project that we did the week leading up to New Years eve was a very large Bedroom, was two rooms, but a wall was removed and the space was made into a lovely room being prepared for accepting another Priest from another Rectory in Bangor. Coordinating with Bob Levasseur, Director of Buildings & Grounds, Peter Starr and a crew of knights; Keith Forbes, Bill Bennett, Kris Clark, Patrick Griffin, painted and cleaned up the renewed space. This project was done over the course of 4 days. The painters spoke amongst themselves on each of the three days we painted, learning of each others families, interesting talks about life’s events, struggles, blessings and a miracle, what a treasure to be around such beautiful faithful brother Knights doing such wonderful Faithful Service.

The crew successfully helped to breath new life into this space. I’m sure this will enhance the parish having our priests under one roof, and able to share along their ministry for future years.

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