Parish summer outing at Dundee Park




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Parish summer outing at Dundee Park


Council: 10020 - No. WINDHAM

Project Description:

Our council has hosted an annual Picnic at a local park to encourage members of our local parish to gather in a social setting to build friendship and unity within the church. The Knights provide the burgers, dogs, chicken, and associated fixings with parishioners providing their favorite pot-luck picnic dishes and desserts. We gather around noontime where members fire up the BBQ Grilles and families arrive with their children and enjoy swimming, games and chatting with members that they may only see across the church or who attend a different Mass. There are always competitive games that partner people who don’t know each other well, providing bonding opportunities. The food is always fantastic, the children go home with smiles and I think parents enjoy an early evening as they send their exhausted kids to bed. This has been a popular event and continues to benefit the church community.

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