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Pasta for Priest _ Bangor


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

This dinner/Fundraiser in support of our many Seminarians is Called Pasta fopr Priest. In addition to our council doing scholarships to seminarians, we do a little extra for each of the Seminarians through the Christmas Holiday time period to her with travel expense and the overall expense of the holidays.

This year we made home made Pasta Sauce ffrom scratch, as well as the meatballs, and Ginger Cake and real whipped cream. In addition we put together a Ceaser Salad, wheat and yeast rolls, and isced tea, lemonade and coffee and water for drinks. We had great particpation from the parish with about 137 in attendance.

We also had a 50/50 chance, and the winner was a brother Knight who put the money into the kitty for the seminarians, this was 184.00.

We grossed $1,570.00 and after the cost of goods $308.00 we had available $1,262.00 to share amoung the eight seminarians or about $152.00 each.

I’m sure the each of the Seminarians will appreciate receiving this gift in the mail unexpectantly.

The funds have been given to the Parish and Fr. Frank Murray shall put together a letter on behalf of the parish and mail to each of the seminarians for Christmas.

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