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Paving the way to the Lord


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

The winter months in Maine can reek havoc on the Maine roads. Such was true with the entrance to our church in Wells. One of our members brought up the idea of making the reconstruction of the church entrance a council project. Once we got the approval of our Pastor we set the plan in action.
On November 11th a local contractor along with 3 brother knights started the first phase of removing the old tar entrance, then prepped the entrance with new gravel aggregate to support the church traffic until we were ready to apply the new tar surface. Once we were able to get a good streak of good weather in December the members were there again spreading and leveling the fresh hot-top while a contractor rolled it into a seamless part of the existing portion of the entrance. This very simple idea to assist our church developed into a savings of $8500.00 that our Parish saved due to the hard work of our council members and a generous donation of a local contractor.

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