Pentecost Mass




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Pentecost Mass


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Once again Father Murray asked the council to round-up some volunteers to direct traffic for the drive-in Pentecost mass conducted at Saint Mary’s church in Bangor. The service was conducted on May 31st by Father Murray, and Deacon Mike Whalen. There was a total of 94 cars in the parking lot with both single parishioners and families in them. Under the expert direction of brother Bob Welch the parking was done safely and efficiently giving attendees the best view of the altar possible. All that were there were in good spirits and once again enjoying being with other members of God’s family. Thanks go out to Ed French, Jamie Barube, Daniel Modruson, Jake Marquis, Rey Dubois, Gino Nardi, and Chris Popper. It’s always a pleasure working with this fine bunch of men.

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