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People with Disabilities Fund Drive


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

Increased membership is a vital key to success. To validate this statement was the total success of our People with Disabilities fund drive. This year we again expanded the fund drive starting with Labor Day Weekend and ended on Columbus day weekend. Members from our council stood in line to assist in making this a success. It is also obvious that another factor of our success were not only our Pastor who supported our event at our two churches but also the merchants of our community who welcomed our members to stand by their businesses every weekend from July through October. The support we received from our local community residents and the many visitors who frequent those businesses were overwhelming. So much so that we again set a record collection for our council of $23,023.13. We recently completed Four (4) donations of over $4500.00 each to Morrison Center, Maine Special Olympics, Sweetser and Camp Sunshine. The pride we felt in our accomplishment of this event cannot be measured.

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