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People with Intellectual Disabilities Drive


Council: 11257 - PORTLAND

Project Description:

The council held its People with Intellectual Disabilities Drive on Saturday October 5, Sunday October 6, Saturday October 12 and Sunday October 13th 2019 at the Shaw’s Market in Falmouth, Maine. There were 20 brother knights who volunteered for 2 hour shifts each to greet the customers as they entered and left the store. Some of the brother knights did 2 shifts due to situations that arose where some volunteers could not make it. The Council was able to raise $1,086. After deductions for tootsie rolls and 20% donation to State Council for Charitable fund requests, the council netted $852.80 for distribution to the Charities by brother knights at our business meeting November 12th. The members voted to distribute to 50% or $426.40 to Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation and $426.40 to Special Olympics Maine, KC Polar dip. The checks were presented to the charities by a brother knight that was involved with the organizations.

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