Petition Drive to Oppose Tax Funded Abortion




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Petition Drive to Oppose Tax Funded Abortion


Council: 12941 - BIDDEFORD

Project Description:

Petitions As strongly as the Order stands for building a Culture of Life, it is no surprise that Bishop Deeley would ask for our help in circulating petitions to repeal a couple of Maine state laws passed in the latest legislative session. These are laws okaying physician-assisted suicide and taxpayer-funding of abortion. The petitions are aimed at getting both matters onto the 2019 ballot where the entire voting population of Maine can weigh in on the issues. The goal is to gather 80,000 signatures statewide before September 18, 2019. Our local efforts are a small part of the statewide whole. We had generally good luck collecting signatures at church on the weekend of August 3-4. Several of our Brother Knights have already completed paperwork with the town clerk where they’re registered to vote so that they could circulate the two petitions. We are hoping that more Brothers, family or friends will do the same—it’ll mean that more signatures can be collected faster and in more places. The petitions will be available to sign at all 4 churches of GSP at all Masses next weekend, and afterward at various other places.

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