Pipe Organ Rededication Concert




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Pipe Organ Rededication Concert


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Our church was totally renovated over an 8-year period ending in 2013. One piece of work that was not completed was reconnecting our pipe organ. The major reason for not doing so was that we had not musician who could or would play it. Over the last five years, many parishioners expressed interest in reactivating it. When a new music director offered to play during mass if the organ were reconnected, that provided the impetus to proceed.

A committee was formed to plan an event, which would not only include a concert but also a reception for patrons. Two Knights printed, sold and distributed all the tickets and also sold all the advertisements for a souvenir program. One particular Knight and his wife donated $10,000, which was 85% of the funds needed for the reactivation. Another Knight purchased corsages for major contributors and performers. The program featured Chris Pelonzi, Music Director at the Cathedral, along with soprano Emelia Bailey, violinist Ethan Ho, and oboe player Lori Arsenault. All attendees of both the concert and the reception felt treated to a truly special afternoon.

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