Pork Dinner to support Parish Social Justice and Peace Initiatives




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Pork Dinner to support Parish Social Justice and Peace Initiatives


Council: 10020 - No. WINDHAM

Project Description:

Our parish supports a number of Social Justice and Peace Initiatives carried out by the men and women of our parish. Social Justice and Peace Initiatives include putting on a monthly meal for those in need through out the community, bringing meals to support the regional program to help selected families get on their feet (Family Promise), putting on a post mass coffee/donuts/fruit social twice a month to help bring the parish community together, and preparing 120 food baskets to be handed out to families in need at Thanksgiving thru local food pantries. These initiatives require financial support and the Pork Dinner was one of several ways to support these programs.

A month before the Pork Dinner, several Brother Knights to the lead on publicity – sending announcements to local papers about the event, posting the event on the parish sign, printing and stuffing flyers into the parish bulletin a week before the event. Other Brother Knights announced the event at masses and encouraged parishioners to attend post mass on the day of the event.

One Brother Knight took the lead as the main chef – spending hours purchasing the needed food and supplies and supervising preparation of the food on the day of the event in mid October 2019. On the morning of the event, six Brother Knights set up the parish hall, moving the movable walls, setting up tables and chairs, table cloths, place mats, centerpieces, knives/forks/spoons, pre-washing all plates and silverware. These same Brother Knights also peeled the 50 pounds of potatoes and 50 pounds of carrots – getting them ready to be cooked. The lead chef prepped the meat with seasonings. In the early afternoon, other Brother Knights arrived early to begin cooking the food. Other Brother Knights and their spouses prepared over 120 servings of deserts. The main meal consisted of pork, gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots, applesauce, rolls, and an assortment of deserts, coffee/tea/juices, and miscellaneous fixings. Eleven Brother Knights along with their spouses and children helped prepare and serve the 56 people who attended the dinner. We held a 50/50 raffle with winners receiving tickets to our November dinner and a grand prize winner receiving $65. After dinner, the same team helped wash the dishes, clean up the hall, and put the hall back in original condition. The dinner grossed over $550. Brother Knights and spouses will also participate in working at the monthly community meal, Family Promise, Thanksgiving baskets, and Sunday coffee/donuts/fruit socials being supported by the fund raiser.

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