Pray the Rosary for the Passing of a Friend and Brother Knight. 15791




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Pray the Rosary for the Passing of a Friend and Brother Knight. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Myself and my Family made time to join our Former Council Brothers and their Families in reciting the Rosary of Mary our mother, on Wednesday 25 August 2021, from our home. Because of my wife having her knee replaced a couple of days ago, we were unable to make it to the Prayer gathering at our former council. So, in support of Brother Dave Spada, his Family and Council, we participated in the Rosary of Mary session from our home. After many years of living with his illness, our friend and brother of the Knights of Columbus was called home by our Lord. Brother Dave and his family were a very strong Christian Family. Believing in GOD and JESUS, gave them a positive outlook as a Family. Brother Dave and I spent many hours working with the First-Degree Team, and many Fund Raisers in my former council, as well as filling in as a First-Degree Team member several times for Council 15791. Whenever we needed a team member, Brother Dave was asked, and always helped out, which made the Degree a success. Brother Dave was a special gift from GOD, and this is one of the reasons why he continued to move ahead, even with his medical issues. Brother Dave was a Mentor to many of his fellow Brother Knights, and was highly respected by all, for his achievements. As a Father, Friend and Brother Knight, he will be missed by his Family, his Knights of Columbus Brother’s and their Families. May the Soul of Brother Dave Spada now Rest in Eternal Peace.

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