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Prayers For Dominic


Council: 5515 - NORWAY

Project Description:

The GK of this council was approached by a family member of one of his Knights regarding an 11 year old boy who had developed a large cyst on his left leg. The boy, Dominic, was very active in school and the community and for as long as anyone could remember when ask what he wanted to be when he grew up his answer was always the same – to be a Priest.

The GK contacted the DD and asked him to spread the word about Dominic and ask members of the District for prayers for Dominic. The DD and his wife immediately began a Novena for Dominic and the prayer request was published in all the Council newsletters. The doctors became more concerned as the tumor was increasing rapidly and a biopsy was immediately ordered to determine the status. With the grace of God the tumor was benign. The prayers increased for Dominic and he was included in the good of the order for all the District Councils.

For some reason the doctors could not explain the tumor began to shrink very rapidly – at a rate they have never seen. The medical team caring for Dominic was stunned that within a few weeks the tumor was gone. There was no medical explanation and Dominic is now back at school, back at play and being a normal 11 year old boy – like this never happened.

This is the intersection of good medical care and the power of prayer. As Dominic continues to state that his future sees him as a Priest we all hope, be it God’s will to see him at his ordination in about 20 years.

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