Pregnancy Center Fundraiser




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Pregnancy Center Fundraiser


Council: 7300 - WINSLOW

Project Description:

One of our members and his wife purchased a seat at a fundraiser for the Open Arms Pregnancy Center in Augusta. During the course of the evening, after a nice meal, we were updated as to the success of the new location for the center, as they had recently purchased their building. We heard testimony from a former unwed mother who had been convinced to keep her child by interaction with the center and other women in the same situation. We then met her, her husband, and three children. We were entertained by Gary Crocker who gave us his feelings on pro-life, well-received. Finally we heard from the center director, who outlined current needs and long range plans. We were then exhorted to grab our checkbooks (we had been told to bring them with us!) and put our money where our mouth was. All told, I believe over $22,000 was realized that evening, either in outright donations or additional pledges.

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