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Pregnancy Center Support Baby Shower


Council: 10019 - LEWISTON

Project Description:

In preparation of our 7th annual Baby Shower, Grand Knight Al Viens with Life Program Chairman Brian Labrecque, decorated the back of the church with streamers, balloons, ribbons, baby clothes, a playpen and easel with poster full of baby paraphernalia. Money donations were gladly accepted along with many gifts sent to the Hope House. The Hope House is a non-profit religious organization providing neighborhood support to single mothers feeling trapped in poverty and seeking abortion of their children. The staff there provides free ultrasound screening (donated by Holy Family K. of C. and Maine Knights), in an effort to prevent abortions.
On the weekends of March 30/31 and April 6/7, council members set up a playpen at the back of Holy Family Church and collected all types of baby paraphernalia, like diapers, clothing, lotions, shampoos, toys etc. They also setup a large baby bottle bank and asked for cash donations from parishioners.
The following weekend members again set up the playpen in church and again collected all types of baby paraphernalia. The playpen was filled to overflowing a sure sign of the many generous parishioners in our community. The baby bottle bank was also setup for cash donations and it too was filled to the brim, collecting a total of $ 2060.00. Judging from the response from parishioners this effort was a great success!
On April 12 all of the donated items and cash was delivered to the Hope House director and his wife. They were overwhelmed with joy and appreciation for our charitable efforts to aid them at saving babies and families.

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