Preparing For Our 2018/2019 Fraternal Business Year. 15791




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Preparing For Our 2018/2019 Fraternal Business Year. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Two council brothers along with our Council Grand Knight gathered several times at Holy Martyr’s Church and private homes between August 8 and August 29, 2018. For most council’s the monthly business meeting in September is usually a busy one. For us in our council this year this is very true. The monthly agenda has been laid out by our Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight, with many items of new business to discuss and a few items of old business to finalize from the last monthly meeting. Between this meeting and our council officers meeting in September we are in hopes of bringing all our members on board as to what the new look will be for the old Surge with Service Program, and what we need to do as a council to become engaged in the NEW Faith In Action Program”. With several new members filling the officer seats this year, it will be a learning curve for us all. We are also waiting to hear if our council will have its’ first Chaplin since being formed. We are praying that the word comes from the Diocese soon, so Fr. Paul will be all set to go. Our goals might be many but with Prayer and the support from our District Deputy and State Staff, we are hoping for a successful year in all programs.

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