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Council: 1870 - CARIBOU

Project Description:

What a great and spiritual project to assist our current apostles by spreading the Word via radio 24 hours a day to all Christians and non Christians. On Sunday October 21,2018 six Brother Knights from Fred V Brescia council#1870 Caribou, Me and the CEO and her husband of Presence Radio did one excellent job. We started at 7AM and was finished at 5PM. Most of the material was in place and had been delivered on Friday October 20th. The cement pillars were delivered that morning. At first it required to tear down the fence surrounding the Tower, part of one section was already on the ground and all sections had to be cut using a Sawzall due to the weight of the fencing. The area in question was very swampy and uneven so all the material had to be hand carried approximately 150 feet both ways.We then had to prepare the ground for the 16 cement pads weighing 100lbs.The entire crew worked meticulously like a well oiled machine. The final touch was installing the lock and key on the new fence of the tower. Yes! we were wet ,tired and sore but what an awesome feeling of accomplishment for our Christian and non Christians brothers and sisters, A job well done, without hesitation and would do it again.This project was in the planning stage for several months.

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