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Presense Radio Communication Site


Council: 1870 - CARIBOU

Project Description:

The discussion and planning began actually several months ago. We now can see daylight. Presence Radio is our Christian communication Network. Our transmitter site covers the middle eastern part of Maine. Upon purchase of this Site there were renovations and upgrades that needed to be done. When we the Fred V Brescia Council #1870 heard about this we jumped at the opportunity to help our Christian Broadcasting Network continue broadcasting the Word of GOD. Our modern day disciples spreading the Word throughout Maine.We wanted to avoid any major interruptions. We had two Brothers Knights the first day and three the second day. It took us 11 hours from start to finish not including the preparation time. The area in question is wet and swampy but that did not stop us from completing our task completely re-doing the stanchions and cable boxes and reframing the whole system that carries the cables from one transmitter site (1) to transmitter Site (2). Two power cables one incased in what seems to be a poly tube. This was separated in many areas due to the stanchions being broken and rotted. The second cables along side were in a troll, most were rotted and broken in many places. From Tower (I) to Tower (2) was approximately 200 feet . For safety purposes the power had to be shut off. You will see by the pictures Now and Then Photos. All the manpower and time was donated by these Brother Knights. This included picking up and delivery of the materials to the site. A job well done.

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