Presentation on “House of Worship Security”. 15791




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Presentation on "House of Worship Security". 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Ten council brothers participated in the start of a new program in our Parish. The presentation was given at Holy Martyr’s Church Meeting Room on Thursday December 19, 2019. As the State Director of Maine Emergency Management and Past Grand Knight of our Council Brother Peter gave an overview of the new Ministry which will be coming to the Parish of the Holy Eucharist. After being given permission from our Pastor and the Diocese Office Brother Peter was ready to present his program. This presentation was an oral presentation with questions and answers during the presentation. At some point during the first quarter of 2020 he will be presenting this program again to the whole council. All in attendance enjoyed the presentation very much. Once again the Knights of Columbus step out to help the Church and its people to be as safe as possible. GOD watches over his people in many ways.

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