Provide lunch for the Nursing and support staff




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Provide lunch for the Nursing and support staff


Council: 11376 - BRIDGTON-FRYEBURG

Project Description:

The council funded and delivered 100 lunches to the nursing and support staff of the Bridgton Hospital. This event required the coordination with the Nursing Director’s office and the Subway shop from where the lunches were purchased by the council from menu selection and date and time of delivery. The number of lunches (80) for the day shift were prepared and delivered at the required time while 20 lunches for the night shift were delivered at the desired time.
The nurses and support staff gave the Knights a warm welcome and thank you for what we did
We were informed that this event would be posted on Central Maine Medical Website
This gesture illustrates the community support of the council and the recognition that these men and women who work 12 hour shifts deserve when facing the dangerous effect of COVID 19

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