Purchase of a New Microphone System for Our Lady of the Rosary




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Purchase of a New Microphone System for Our Lady of the Rosary


Council: 13181 - SABATTUS

Project Description:

In working closely with the priests serving Our Lady of the Rosary, we have talked about ways that we might be able to directly improve the experience for the parishioners when they attend mass. There are a number of improvements and repairs that need to be done to the church, but one that we were able to jump on right away was the purchase of a new wireless microphone systems suggested to us by Father Dan Greenleaf. The existing wireless microphone has been unreliable in recent months and even when it is working, the sound quality isn’t always the greatest, which makes it difficult for the priests to be able to effectively communicate with the people. The existing system is quite old and has reached or exceeded its expected useful life.

Fr. Dan hand recently purchased a new wireless microphone system for Holy Trinity and was very pleased with it. Using the information he provided we voted and and approved the payment for a similar new microphone system for Our Lady of the Rosary at a cost of around $600.

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