Ramping it up for Brian




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Ramping it up for Brian


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

Ramping it up for Brian
Brian is a longtime member of our council as well as our Assembly. Brian started his career in serving our church as a young teenage alter server. Now at the age of 52 he continues to serve helping during weekend mass collections at both our church as well as our neighboring church within our Parish. Brian is special needs and for many years was seen walking the streets of our town and neighboring towns stopping in at various stores to purchase snacks or a soda. Brian is known for his constant smile and happy-go-lucky attitude. Many of our members would also receive daily emails from Brian with a simple message just saying happy Monday, happy Tuesday, happy Wednesday and so on. Unfortunately struck with diabetes, he had part of his toes amputated but in time, and with a special boot; he continued walking around the local areas and most importantly continued to help at weekend collections always with a smile and greeting many people with the heartfelt words of “I love you”. On January 21st Brian suffered a setback and required a leg amputation just below his knee due to diabetes. His mother, who is a widow; called the Grand Knight of our council who asked if the Knights could build a wheelchair ramp. We looked at different options and decided to go with a company in Scarborough where we could rent a ramp which would fit the area where it needed to be installed and for the duration needed until he received his prosthesis and would no longer need the ramp. Our Grand Knight work with the code enforcement officer who knew Brian and was made aware of his situation. She quickly expedited the approval process and the building permit was approved in three days. The ramp was installed on the morning of Thursday February 3rd, and Brian arrived from New England Rehab in Portland that same afternoon with just a few hours to spare. Brian was once again all smiles, especially when he saw his new ramp allowing him to leave and enter his home safely. While the process of getting the ramp was underway, our Grand Knight sent out an email to our council as well as our neighboring council asking for donations to help offset the cost of the ramp rental. Within a week Brian’s mom received over $2,600.00 in Donations with even more money coming in at the time of this writing which will not only cover the cost of the ramp rental but will also cover the cost for a few months after the initial 3 month contract to allow Brian to adjust to his prosthesis to a point he would no longer need the ramp. Many of our members from both councils have known Brian for many years so when the call to assist Brian went out, it didn’t take long for our Brother Knights to “Ramp it up for Brian”

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